Music that RECLAIMs

What M-T-R does

Music that RECLAIMs brings music to foster and displaced children so they too might experience its inspirational, inclusive and healing properties
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Music Performances

M-T-R underwrites attendance at musical performances so foster and displaced children can experience all genres of music. Where possible we also offer the added bonus of meeting the musicians after the concert!

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Music Education

There are countless pathways for teaching music, however, the costs often prohibit foster children from participating. M-T-R pays fees ranging from after school programs to summer camps to group lessons

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Music Therapy

Music therapy is often prescribed to address trauma – especially chronic trauma which many foster and displaced children endure daily. M-T-R helps offsets the costs so these children can receive the care they need

Your donations will help a child experience the healing properties of music

Our Mission

Is to bring music to foster and displaced children so its healing properties can help them RECLAIM their humanity
Music is an amazing conduit capable of keeping us a PART versus APART

Forty-five years ago, when our founder was one of 15 children in a group home, a rock band invited all the children in the facility to attend their show.

Afterwards they ushered the children backstage to meet the musicians and for one brief moment, the kids were the band's special guests. For one shining second they weren’t "foster children" at all but rather featured attendees.

Despite the ravages of foster care, broken placements, lost families and constant threat of physical/emotional abuse, this tiny act of kindness combined with the HEALING properties of music, profoundly reconnected the children back to themselves and all that is good in humanity.

It exposed them to the sacred within and they beamed on the bus ride back to the residential facility, humming the music and dreaming of being a PART rather than APART.

  • Upcoming Loreena McKennit performances - 79 children sponsored on a goal of 120

  • Upcoming performances at the St. Louis FOX - 48 children on a goal of 100 children

  • Build out permanent music therapy facility with FACC of St. Louis to offer services to 6500 foster families in the region

  • Children who have been profoundly touched by the gift of Music that RECLAIMs

Our board of directors

M-T-R's founders lives have all been enriched by music and are committed to sharing its healing properties with current and future generations of children

melanie barrier

Ms. Barrier first experienced music’s profound ability to create a sacred space when she was a child in foster care. She still cherishes a little red transistor radio which brought music to her group home and kept her a part even as life was attempting to tear her apart

karen thornton

Ms. Thornton was a child when she first heard The Nutcracker at the LA Philharmonic. The live music captivated her! She now travels the world seeing her favorite musicians and is determined to share this experience with foster children in need

michelle grewe

Music is Ms. Grewe’s constant companion thanks to her father’s humorous & heartfelt family performances. Her fondest memories are all enriched by music’s capacity to bring people together and she is committed to passing this gift on to today’s children

What the children, caregivers and musicians are saying about the impact of your gifts

Interested in volunteering? Select cities have openings and need help identifying venues, upcoming performances, local education options, resident accredited music therapists etc. etc. If you would like to assist, please complete our CONTACT US section and let us know the best way to reach you.

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